Get Outside!

Watching the birds is good for us as humans in many ways! It can open our creative mind while teaching us about wildlife. It's a great way to get outside and experience nature close to home. 

Feeding native birds from our yards will open our eyes to all the species that we co-exist with. One of our favorite times of day is at sunrise when we silently listen to the birds wake up for the day and bless our ears with their beautiful songs while we sip our fresh, hot coffee. 

"I started filling my feeders and at first it was slow, but when the word was out that I had the freshest seed on the block, I saw birds I never new existed, never mind that I shared a yard with! I am lucky to have a nearby place to get high quality supplies." -Falmouth local.

Not only is feeding the birds entertaining and educational, it helps maintain the insect population in your yard! During the Spring and Summer seasons the birds love bugs! *A reminder that if you are putting out seed regularly, don't stop in the Winter! Birds get accustomed to your feeding station and in the colder months is when they will rely on your supply!* 

Observing birds can improve our cognitive capacities. Trying to pin point each characteristic of different birds forces us to focus on details. Spotting the difference between beaks, wings, feet, flight patterns and eating habits can be challenging. It can improve our site and discipline, the ability to sit still and practice patience.

When bird watching evolves into a regular activity, it becomes a passion. You will find yourself exploring new places and observing nature in diverse regions. The potential to meet new people with like interests can be fun. The possibility to learn is huge!